Many people are unaware of the significance of lead in roofing, despite the fact that it is a crucial factor. We provide expert leadwork for all customers in need. Future issues will be far worse as a result of leaks and water intrusion brought on by damaged or corroding lead. Over the years, our team of specialist roofers has completed repair work to an excellent degree on several lead roofs. Therefore, if you have discovered cracks or leaks, our crew is here to provide expert repairs at fair pricing.

Our staff is capable of replacing lead roofs and installing new ones in addition to doing repairs. So give us a call if you see any damage or if you want a complete replacement.

Lead Repairs

Your lead flashing may get rusted, worn, and damaged over time. Maintaining your roof in excellent shape is crucial to preventing worse issues from developing later. Damaged lead flashing can let water and pests into your attic or roof area. If left untreated, this can result in mould growth or insect infestations, not to mention severe harm to your roof’s structure. Contact us for quick and efficient repairs.

Lead Roof Installations

We can install lead roofs for any style of structure in addition to performing lead repairs. Because of its enduring qualities and appealing appearance, lead makes a great roofing material. Other factors that make lead roofing a great option include:

What Makes Leadwork Special?

Each roof’s specific needs are met by the specialised service of leadwork. It can be done as part of a roof repair or as a last step in installing a new roof to avoid issues in the future. In order to stop leaks and other types of damage, lead is frequently applied to roof seams and joints. A leak is undoubtedly one of the worst roofing issues you might come into. A leak can cause dampness, mildew, and water damage if it is not fixed, which might compromise your home’s structural stability.

Leadwork that has been put correctly keeps moisture out and lowers the possibility of a leak forming. Contact our staff for a free quote.

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